The Darul Uloom not only encourages academic excellence and achievement but places great emphasis on the Tarbiyyah of its students. The moral and spiritual development of students is at the forefront of the course, shaping students to become model citizens and members of their community by displaying the characteristics of the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم.

Adab (manners) and Akhlaaq (good personal character) are embedded in every lesson and a responsibility of every teacher at the Darul Uloom. It is at the core of our ethos and delivered in a supporting, Islamic environment.

To support and develop the students, short talks, spiritual guidance and advices are held on a daily basis in an assembly and a monthly talk is also delivered by Hadhrat, specifically for the students, on a monthly basis.

Besides this, students are required to sit in the Dars of Hadhrat during the week and at the same time abide by the Shari’ah at all times.

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