Girls Darul Uloom

Girls Darul Uloom

The ‘Ilmiyyah course is the study of Islamic sciences whilst ensuring its students acquire the skills and spiritual development required to set an example for the community as an ‘Alim.
The day-time Darul Uloom allows students to study during the weekdays whist return to their homes in the evening. Thus, allowing a level of flexibility for local students who may need to fund their education or provide support at home.


Post Compulsory Education


5 Years


Monday to Friday:
8:00am to 2:30pm


Maktab Building, 33 Wood Hill, Leicester, LE5 3SQ

Entry requirements:

Age Restrictions apply for enrolment in certain year groups
Ability to read Qur’an with fluency and accuracy
Students applying will be required to take a pre-entry examination and interview


Qur’an (Recitation)
Tajweed (Rules relating to the recitation of the Qur’an along with its application)
Fiqh (Rulings),
Aqeedah (Creed),
Tareekh/Seerah (History & Biography),
Languages (Urdu or Arabic)
Hadith (prophetic narrations)
Tafsir (Qur’an commentary)
Arabic Language (grammar and syntax)
Arabic Literature
Principles of Fiqh, Qur’an and Hadith
Teacher Training

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