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Boys Maktab

A fundamental class which is held for students from an early age to instil the foundational knowledge, principles and ethos of Islam. It commences from the basics of recognising the Arabic alphabets and develops into the correct recitation of the Qur’an. A number of subjects are taught in an Islamic environment which encourages exploring the many areas of Islamic sciences.

The subjects are taught in an interactive and engaging manner allowing students to explore the various facets of Islamic knowledge.


Age: From 4½ to 18 (Year 13 - College)
Duration: 11 Years (from academic year 1 to year 11)
Time: Monday to Friday (5:00m to 7:00pm)
Location: Maktab Building, 33 Wood Hill, Leicester, LE5 3SQ
Entry requirements: Age restrictions apply
Syllabus: Qur’an Tajweed 
Memorisation Course 
Fiqh Aqaid Tareekh 
Seerah Akhlaq wal Adab Hadith 
Tafsir (Selected Classes) 
Languages (Urdu / Arabic)
Further Course Information: applicationform    termdates   holidayrequestform



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Boys Darul Uloom

The ‘Alimiyyah course is designed to give students an in-depth understanding of Islamic theology and Islamic Law (Shari’ah) by studying the sciences which help understand the Qur’an and Hadith. It includes subjects such as Arabic Grammar, Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh, Seerah as well as the Principles of Fiqh, Hadith and Tafsir.

In addition to the traditional Dars-e-Nizami (curriculum) the Darul Uloom also aims to provide contemporary education enabling graduates to be informed regarding contemporary issues relating. Therefore, producing Ulama (scholars) who are well versed in the Shari’ah but also possess skills which are deemed necessary to serve, guide and lead the Muslim community.

As part of the contemporary syllabus, the Darul Uloom provides taught subjects in Teacher Training, Careers Advice, CV Surgery, Contemporary Issues,   Additionally, students are required to produce coursework and assignments which are built to develop the student’s ability to thoroughly research a range of reliable sources, cite, and reference their thesis. This further enables the students to produce a informed argument on their subject area whilst looking at a range of opinions and evidences. The students are also required to deliver presentations and use PowerPoint as well as other mediums.

A distinct lesson, titled Imaamah, is also delivered within which students learn essential skills and knowledge pertaining to leading a community as an Imam. The lessons cover areas of providing Islamic counselling, guidance, performing of Nikah, Janazah, five daily prayers as well as the Jumu’ah and Eid prayers and sermons (Khutbah).

All this is done within an Islamic environment within which the students are nurtured to adopt the true spirit Islamic principles which are not just restricted to the appearance but also include the notions of piety, responsibility, generosity and selfless serving of the community.

This enriched curriculum has already proven to be a success by producing graduates who have spread out all over England as well as other countries to provide the various communities great benefit.

Boys Hifdh Class

A class dedicated to the memorisation of the Holy Qur’an. The class also includes the teaching of essential aspects and lessons of Fiqh which allow the students to carry out their day-to-day obligations whilst also learning about necessary aspects of leading Salah and Taraweeh; these lessons take place on a daily basis.


Classes are predominantly run in the evenings. However, for those students who have finished their compulsory education, classes are also available in the morning to allow the students to progress further and complete the Hifdh in a shorter time.  





Age: Post-Compulsory Education 8 years and above - depending on ability
Duration: Flexible  Flexible (average 4 years)
Time Monday to Friday (8.40am to 10.40am) Monday to Friday (5.00pm to 7.30pm)
Location: Masjid Building, 51 Asfordby Street, Leicester, LE5 3QJ Maktab Building, 33 Wood Hill, Leicester, LE5 3SQ
 Entry requirements:

Age restrictions apply
Fluency in Qur’an & Tajweed
Ability to memorise

Age restrictions apply
Fluency in Qur’an & Tajweed
Ability to memorise
Structure: Sabaq (Lesson)
Sabaq Para (Revision of Lesson)
Daur (Revision of previous Lessons)
Sabaq (Lesson)
Sabaq Para (Revision of Lesson)
Daur (Revision of previous Lessons)
Fiqh Lessons (Once a Week)
Further Course Information:

applicationform   termdates   holidayrequestform




Jame' Masjid is based in the heart of the Muslim community within Leicester. The Masjid was established under the patronage of Hadhrat Shaykh Maulana Adam Saheb in 1977 (1397AH).

The Masjid offers a wide range of services to the local and wider community...

The educational department of the Masjid, known as Jame'ah Uloomul Qur'an, provides Islamic education for male and female. The evening classes consisted of only a handful of students in its primary years and has now, with the support of the community, expanded to cater for a range of educational needs for the local and wider Muslim community of Leicester.

Jame'ah Uloomul Qur'an has a wide range of courses and programmes for children and adults. The sections of the Jame'ah include Maktab & Hifdh, day-time Darul Uloom, part time 'Alim class and adult classes...

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